Friday, August 22, 2008


I recently had the pleasure of checking out Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson at Joe's Pub. The current sweetheart of the New York hipster music scene is being touted as the brightest up and coming song writer since...Conor Oberst. Besides having a name so long i need an acronym to remember it - he is half black - an oddity in his genre.

When i first got a hold of M-BAR's self titled album - (besides thinking - damn he sounds like bright eyes) - I thought this is what everyone is raving about? However, after a few listens - I can't stop listening. I have to admit - I am a fan of the depressingly slow song - I like a good cry.

Nonetheless, what is a "good songwriter"? Why are guys who play acoustic guitar and sing as if they are going to cry - often labeled "good songwriters"? This has to relate to Bob Dylan in some way - no?

Further, how does the "new great songwriter" (M-BAR) not ever sing about racial issues when its the first thing i notice about him?

Anyway - I still love the guys music. Not the most talented musician - so his live show was at times a bit "raw" but this was all balanced by how endearing he was on stage.

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