Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Cougar Alert

I am currently stuck in a phase where I can't get Debbie Harry out of my head (when I'm not thinking of Lykke Li that is). Has there ever been a woman more sexy? If i was a king she would be my queen.

To make sure I continue my infatuation - September 9th, at 10:00 PM - The Theaters at 45 Bleecker Street will be showing "NIGHTCLUBBING". (Holla at a Kyra.)


NIGHTCLUBBING by Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong

Described by the New York Times as, “The Lewis and Clark of rock video”, Pat Ivers and Emily Armstrong spent their nights from 1975-80 documenting the burgeoning punk scene in nightclubs around New York City. Taped on location at CBGB's, Mudd Club, Danceteria among others, bands include BAD BRAINS, BALLISTIC KISSES, BLONDIE, BUSH TETRAS, JOHN CALE, CONTORTIONS, CRAMPS, DEAD BOYS, DEAD KENNEDYS, DNA, GO-GOs, HEARTBREAKERS, RICHARD HELL and the VOIDOIDS, LEVI and THE ROCKATS, LOUNGE LIZARDS, IGGY POP, SUICIDE, TALKING HEADS, and TEENAGE JESUS AND THE JERKS.

NIGHTCLUBBING offers a unique insight into a culture that had far more effect on the world than its movement could ever have imagined.

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