Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finding room for art...

Via Nis...

Artware Editions recently released: The 2009 Artist Towel Series

"Featuring towels designed by Ed Ruscha, Karen Kilimnick, Raymond Pettibon and Julian Schnabel, these 100% cotton towels are machine washable. These oversized towels are great for the beach, the bath, a picnic, or as a tapestry to hang on your wall.

Because of the function of a bath or beach towel, the idea of the gaze is the prominent motif in this series. Therefore, for this series of artist-designed beach/bath towels, the participating artists were asked to submit an image that included the eyes of its subject."

Here are my two favorites:

By Kehinde Wiley:

By Elizabeth Peyton:

In addition, Artware Editions released a limited number of artist designed shower curtains.

Nana, the shower curtain above designed by Lisa Yuskavage, is based on one of the lush and provocative subjects for which the artist is so well-known. The image is printed on two layers of fabric which gives it a very sensual, shimmery look. Also included is a set of artist-chosen shower curtain rings in the colors of papaya, licorice and grape which are meant to recall dissolved candy. Specific placement of these rings completes the design.

Check out Artware Editions --- Cause they are really bringing it on the design tip. Seating, bookcases, lighting, carpeting...what really got me was their wallpaper.

I mean if you got some stop shop for living fly.

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