Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gossip Girl

Best friend since I was say 3 - Dan - is a writer. Apparently he is good but who really knows.

Understandably - he didn't tell any of us that he is now blogging for Huffington Post about Gossip Girl.

Then again this is the show you "shouldn't let your kids watch". Therefore I want to watch it...and he should tell everyone.

Ok - since I don't watch the show I have no idea what he is talking about but I'm already thinking - I have to wait till January 5th for the next episode?!

***Dan - did you try to find a picture that made you look 40? (Or just the one that made you look most like Joe Camel?)...

...good call by Aly - he kind of looks like Judd Hirsh from Taxi...

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Megan Marion said...

When I saw Gossip Girl next to www.ismelllikemoney.com I had high hopes... That you were changing your blog to a site about Manhattan's Upper WEST Side elite chalked full of gossip or that you were going to give a full season update for those of us who don't have the good fortune to have the WB.. Feel free now that you are hooked to give me periodic updates (on either the show or the lives of those Manhattan lost to Brooklyn).


That Dude said...

Im not sure how to react to this. SB's been outed.