Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Masterpiece Theatre

I guess we are taking requests today...

In response to the fire that he brought on BET's "The Cypher" people began to ask:

"Whatever happened to that solo project, Masterpiece Theater, Black Thought was supposed to be working on?"

I mean this was back in 2001 or something but if Q-Tip can drop Kamal The Abstract 7 years late, maybe we can wish Masterpiece Theater into existence. (In reality most of Tariq's solo work ended up on Phrenology but if there are gems like this below still around...damn.)

Here are 2 tracks that I downloaded off of Napster on my pop's dial up - he used to get crazy pissed at me. (Remember if you got 4 songs overnight you were amped?!) At the time they were rumored to have been tracks that would appear on Tariq's solo jump-off.

Click to listen/download:

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1 comment:

Willy said...

Anyone remember this one too?

Thought @ Work 1.0 (over the Beatles "hey Bulldog" sample?)