Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wes Tech

The Wesleyan Music scene has been snowballing real fast hasn't it?

With the popularity of Wesleyan alums MGMT and Santogold - Wesleyan is now being touted as a breeding ground for the indie music scene's "next big thing".

I've mentioned my love for bands Boy Crisis, Francis and the Lights, and Das Racist - but I haven't had a chance to post on some of the other "upandcomers".


Amazing Baby may have the hipster act down better than MGMT - and are one of the bigger buzz bands currently running myspace. You'll be hearing from them real soon.

Bear Hands may have the brightest future as they are getting undeniably good press.

Bottle Up & Go might be my favorite and play a refreshing throwback whiskey style rock.

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